Sava's Safe Haven is a shelter authorized by the authorities and registered in the TRACES system. 
All of our dogs are healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered and microchipped. 
They have all the necessary documents (passport, health card and health certificate) also all dogs are registered in the national database.
We reserve the right to selecting new adopters for our dogs.

The first stage
  • Homecheck - Inspection of the new adopter's home. Is done by a volunteer of an association in that city. It will set a date (according to both sides)
  •  Pre Adoption Questionnaire
  •  Adoption's Contract -  The contract is signed digitally,  so adopter will receive the adoption contract by email and the opportunity to sign online which makes it easy and fast. 

Documents that will accompany the puppy to his new family are :
  • Adoption contract
  • Passport
  • Health Book
  • Health Certificate

Adoption Fee :
Adoption Fees do not exist, instead  we ask for a minimum donation of 150€ for a dog and 60€ for a cat, to be paid prior to the adoption. This allows us to continue our work and help save more animals in need. The donation is not refundable and must be paid with 14 days before dog/cat departure's day. 

The transport from Romania to adopters country will be made by plane or road transport only using an authorized transporter company. 

Thank you very much !

Adoption Managers :

Germany : 

  • Sava's Safe Haven Deutschland e.V