"With love and care, rescued dogs can wag their tail again. This is our work , to change their lives. "
Asociatia Sava's Safe Haven

What we do

  • Providing care and adoption 

  • offer  our animals food and other necessary supplements. 

  • We managed to microchip, vaccine , deworming and sterilize (dogs over six months) all dogs from our refuge!

  • Also through your donation we are able to improve the dogs life in our refuge maintain standards of  a welfare shelter. 

In 2 year of activity Sava's Safe Haven colaborated in many projects together supporters and parteners .

  • We neutered, microchipped and vaccinated all dogs in shelter.
  • We modernized the dog refuge.
  • We managed to built a proper quarantine room.
  • We managed to equip shelter with solar electricity, and secure it with security cameras.
  • We managed to provide a dog house for each dog in shelter.
  • Built a proper Veterinary Clinic inside shelter

And we do not stop :

Upgraded shelter puppies and also modernize shelter cats ( see our goals for 2015 )