This year Santa Claus come in animal shelters!

Our love and respect for animals have no limits. We spend all holidays, all days in shelter, including most beautiful one : Christmas Day. 

In every winter we are trying to make our animals in shelter a surprise . Santa Claus is coming, entering in kennels, giving toys, goodies and fill all bowls with yummy food. Our dogs enjoy of this wonderful holiday. 

Please take a look at our Christmas project, when we bring Santa Claus in shelter, so these rescued animals will feel the joy of Christmas.

This year we will be again making a Christmas dinner for our shelter animals, Santa Claus will bring toys and biscuits. 

Below you can read some of the Christmas letter wrote by our residents in shelter for Santa Claus! 

You can become a Santa for a dog emailing us to

( Tips: Please press on picture to read whole letter)