Sava's Safe Haven is a registered charity in Romania. Nonprofit association. Our mission is to  rescue , care and rehoming homeless animals.


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World Stray Animals Days

Posted on April 4, 2017 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello friend of Sava,

Today is #Worldstrayanimalday and our dogs celebrate it. The 250 souls from our shelter remember that a few days ago, weeks, months or even years: there were stray animals.
"Stray Animals " without hope, courage, and love. Without thinking that someday someone will love, care and provide life as it deserves.
They are the 250 souls of our shelter, those dogs were weak and shy but rescued and transformed into the most cute and brave dogs, they know what is love.
Sava's Safe Haven is a refuge of Animal Welfare in Romania, we fight for animal right and welfare.
Please join our team and help save and care animals. Adopt and help a "stray dog hopeless" to be saved. Donate and help care for a dog, our shelter depends on your donations. Share and help promote the efficiency of our work! Only you can make a difference! We need you and they need us!

So many dogs in our refuge! So many colors, types, sizes, ages and characters! With so many stories behind.
They are Sava's Safe Haven dogs ( a part of them!) adorable and waiting for families! Please give them a chance of a family!
Our adoption procedures are easy!
1. We homecheck every new potential home ( we find a volunteer that is living close to you and can do it for us - finding a good home checker sometimes takes more time , so please be patient with us ) ;
2. Adoption Contract ( we sign online and legally an adoption contract ) ;
3. Transport from Romania to Germany, England or others.
What you should know about your new Sava's dog :
1. He will come from a registered shelter "Sava's Safe Haven"
2. He will be healthy and fully vaccinated , neutered , dewormed.
3. He will have all documents including ( TRACES documents made by our refuge , passport , health book , health certificate and a copy of adoption contract fully signed and stamped) ;
4. We will help as much we can with advices if is needed , so we want to keep in touch with new adopter. This is why we invite people to join our group on Facebook "Happy endings" where he is free to post pictures of adopted dog and also to ask for advices because there are dozens of people who already adopted and have enough experience )
Do you need more reasons to adopt? More than saving a dog and give him a better life, you will be able to save 2!
The ones you take in your family and the one who can be rescued from street and take its place in shelter.
Adopt from SAVA!!



Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Today we had received food for our puppies, dogs and cats from Tierschutz-Shop TSS!
We have no enough words to thank to their generosity and kindly to support us
You want to help? Please order food via our wish-list !
Over 250 animals will thanks you! Also so many street ones!
Please fill a bowl! Feed a dog!
Donate food and supplies from our wish list



Thank you SPCA International!

Posted on September 23, 2016 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Sava's Safe Haven is very proud and grateful to announce that our charity has been chosen to receive a grant from SPCA International in their project to support shelters called "Shelter Support Fund ".


Thank you very much SPCAI for helping our refuge so we will continue our work in saving and care for homeless animals!

We are very grateful because such of large charity has chosen to supports our refuge in Galati,Romania.


Thank you very much! Your donation will make a huge difference!

A "Thank You" Note

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (2)

It's autumn so is a hard period for everyone at Sava's shelter because we will start prepare shelter for winter period.

Do you know that winters in Romania are horrible, the big quantities of snow, the strong wind and temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius, is a bloody time even for our shelter. We struggle to enter in shelter, the access road is blocked, roof broken and this is just a part!

But we always made all winters warmer, we always showed our love and compassion to our animals , even is hard for us winter means Santa Claus that will visit shelter, winter means the play in snow and happy dogs!

Unfortunately shelter is not ready for winter, roof is in a poor condition due to all storms the water from rain entered in few kennels :'( , all walls from kennels was destroyed by dogs ( by jumping on walls, by chewing and was a really risk of getting hurt ).

And many other rooms from shelter.

The cost of shelter repair are big! All materials necessary to repair .. are too much!!

We did never believe that this will be possible to collect, but is again a prove that Sava's friends are AWESOME! We have amazing friends that support our shelter and work!!!

There are lovely friends who had donated money to cover the costs for repair roof and kennels, costs will be covered thanks to their generosity!

There is no enough words to can thank for their kindness!

All dogs will be safe in their repaired kennels this winter!!