Santa Claus in Sava's Safe Haven for the 7th time! 

Sava's Safe Haven, one of few shelters in Romania that put animal welfare first.

Our family shelter put always animal welfare and happiness first of everything. 

" AS a non-kill shelter, we keep all our dogs in our care until they find families, unfortunately not all dogs found a family, they are living here for years. We need to make this shelter a warm home for them full of love and care, as every dog deserves. In winter time all people prepare for their pets some lovely gifts, yummy food, but  this is happen in our refuge too.  My family spent all holidays in shelter, including Easter, Christmas and New Year. So in every winter we spent Christmas holiday too. We prepare traditional food and things for a special night.

For our dogs we prepare gifts, food ( for adults we prepare mix of dry with wet food and puppies only wet food) also all dogs will get biscuits and chew bones." - Oana Sava

A letter for Santa Claus from Sava's Safe Haven's dogs.

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"Dear Santa, I know that you receive many letters from good children. We hope that you will read our letter too. We are the residents the little haven "Sava's Safe Haven ", which fortunately you have visited in previous years in the long road to good homes for all children.

We've been good this year, except for when we broke a few beds, bowls, but Santa, we did not know that we are not allowed to do that, we had no toys or bowls in the street, but garbage and tree branches.

And if the mother will tell you that we broke almost all her the clothes, you know it was a mistake we thought it was a new toy. Poor it has found clothing pieces in the playground! So it has happened with a camera to , Shhhh.

We are many, big and small, old and young, brave and timid. But we all want a Christmas story, especially for dogs that have not had before.

I'll tell you a secret: I would like a new ball, the one received last year we broke up quickly, the young puppies would like a blanket, they do not understand why mom says you should not "eat it" but to sleep on it.

Cats wants some trees, of those climbing trees.

We think our mother wants to see the food storage full , she is too worry about the long and cold winter! 

I also want Christmas to have a big table full of goodies. I know that mom struggling daily to give us food and biscuits, we love and cherish it , but we want to have a Christmas full of bones , biscuits and good food . What child does not love Christmas chocolate ? But we can not eat chocolate biscuits yes!

Dear Santa Claus, most of all we want a family! Yes a family only for us , can you use your magic to bring a family for each of us? We still hope Santa ..

With love,

The 270 dogs and cats from the shelter Sava's Safe Haven. "

Please donate £5 towards Christmas and make a Christmas story even for shelter dogs. £5 is not much , but for us will be huge support!

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Who is Sava's Safe Haven?

Sava's Safe Haven is a refuge of Animal Welfare built and run by Sava family. Refuge is based in a small village near Galati, Romania and was built in 2012 with support from international animal lovers. Since then, Sava works everyday to save and care homeless animals. Now in refuge are living over 250 animals ( dogs and cats ) also this rescue work in various project to support community animals and even poor families and orphans!

This refuge, has no workers and is totally reliant upon donations from animal lovers!