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First Crypto Donation

 An enormous support for our animal shelter

Most harsh period of the year. Winter.

Winter have always been most challenging season for us. Terrible wind, low temperatures and most of all, impractical road to access our shelter.

Sava's Safe Haven's shelter is located in middle of nowhere surrounded only by agricultural land.

Winter have always brought us the inability to easily reach the shelter, due to the snowy road. 

Winter supplies 

In every winter, we prepare for the worst. We fill the room with food in case the road becomes impassable, so that our puppies do not run out of food.

We prepare the shelter with straw, blankets, warm jackets for dogs, stoves for recovery rooms and vitamins for the dogs most prone to disease and cold. 

The hardest thing is to raise all the money on time to cover these expenses

First Crypto Donation have brought us an 8 weeks free of worry!

In December 2021, we was so lucky to discover Pawthereum, a decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need!

They have added Sava's Safe Haven in the 12 Days of Giving Program. And we was allocated the day 10 of the project.

A total of $10,000 have been donated to our animal shelter.

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8 weeks of food for animals

Our first ever crypto donation have brought us to tears. Thanks to the huge donation of $10,000 we managed to fill our storage room with food for 8 weeks. Enough to easily get through this harsh and cold winter.

120 vaccinations.. isn't it awesome?

In addition to the food purchased, part of the donation was used strictly for veterinary care.

A total of 120 puppies were vaccinated! 

Pawthereum introduced us to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Pawthereum's initiative to help international animal rescue organizations has led us to the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.

That's how we managed to create the Sava's Safe Haven virtual wallet and accept donations in any virtual currency.

Pawthereum is a decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need. Since start, this wonderful charity have donated $446,100 to charities and shelters.

"We truly thank the Pawthereum team but also the entire community for all the help.

We were pleasantly surprised by all the support we received but also by the passion with which Pawthereum community carries out this campaign to support animals around the world." 

                                 Sava's Safe Haven team

With this new initiative and the desire to help animals, 

Sava's Safe Haven starts collecting donations in cryptocurrency.

We gratefully accept any donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Shiba Inu, and many other Cryptocurrency Donations. 

Why to donate crypto

1 ETH donation help us cover food for 4 weeks.

2.5 ETH donation help us to cover free veterinary care and spay surgeries to 200 community animals.

5 ETH donation help us purchase the most needed animal ambulance for shelter.

1 BTC help us cover food for whole year for all animals in shelter.

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