Welcome to Sava's Safe Haven's Dog Shelter! Woof Woof to you!

Sava's Safe Haven  non-govermental, non-profit Animal Welfare association was founded by Oana Sava since 2012, to end the suffering of dozens of animals from streets. click for more

The dog refuge "Sava's Safe Haven " built on 5th november 2012, since then the shelter has undergone many improvements also widening of the space. We managed to build several paddocks, several outbuildings (isolated rooms) for young puppies and new rescued ones and also  a quarantine room.

The shelter is monitored nonstop by four security cameras, so on a monitor placed in quarantine, we can see in real time the activity of the shelter.

Electricity is provided by solar panels, a very expensive investment but lasting and economical. Another investment was the water-well that provide fresh and clean water for our animals.

The shelter is supported due to international partners, we have no help from the authorities.

Shelter care is done by Sava family, so there is no long-term employee or volunteer.

Because every dog deserves a chance ..

Winter in Sava's Safe Haven..

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