Sava’s Safe Haven receives no government or third party funding and without donations from our followers, we would be unable to continue rescuing and rehoming animals.

Losing a loved one, whether an animal companion, a family member or a friend often leaves us wanting to find a way to celebrate their lives and remember the happy times we shared. 

An In Memory gift is a wonderful way of supporting a cause that brought them into our lives or which was close to their hearts.

“In Memory tribute” 

Send us a picture and a message about the person in whose memory you want to donate. And it will appear publicly on our website, and more than all, he will have a plaque engraved with his picture in our shelter.

Please contact our Legacy Officer, Angela Bunting (Institute of Legacy Management Certified) for more information or if you would like a confidential chat about legacy giving –

Thank you for considering In Memory giving to Sava’s Safe Haven.

Please send a picture to the email address: this photo will be placed on a heart that will be placed in a special place in Sava's Safe Haven shelter!

In less than 24 hours you will receive a photo with the tribute of the person that you lost and in memory in which you helped our shelter.

In loving memory Lumpi, a lovely dog that unfortunately run over the rainbow, we have received a generous donation from their parents who wanted to help other poor animals from our refuge!

Our puppies will have good quality food! We have received all money necessary to get food for them!

Run free Lumpi! I am sure you are proud and happy that your parents has helped your canine friends in your loving memory!

Thank you very much Caroline Fischer!

" In memory of my mum and 7 dogs I have lost over the years due to old age and sickness.. 

All love from IB Henriksen with 3 dogs Greta gerda and Signe in Sweden":