Living in shelter by over 6 years.. A new life for senior dogs!

In Sava's Safe Haven's shelter are living about 250 dogs rescued from street or other places, some of them are living in shelter by over 6 years... they never had a chance of a real home, some of them will never get one due to their age, size or shyness..

For these animals Sava's Safe Haven is dreaming to change the shelter into real refuge. In 2019 our main goal is to improve the kennels so all dogs, especially older dogs will benefit of a comfy kennel

Our dream is big and almost impossible to come true without your help! We need a helping hand!

Our dream is to rebuild the old kennels  into bigger, comfy and fully insulated kennels for our seniors.

Each kennel will help 4 seniors from our shelter to have a bigger and fully insulated kennel to pass more easier of the bad weather during the winter and to enjoy of a comfy place in the shelter.

Make a difference when you become a KENNEL HERO!

Please be a Kennel Hero!

Capacity of kennel - 3-4 dogs ( based on size)

Cost for a kennel 350 euros

Please donate how much you can afford! We are grateful for any help, no matter how much.



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and we are close..

I am so grateful to wonderful people that donated so far, thanks to your generosity we are so close of your big goal. To make from Sava's Safe Haven a great shelter.

We had a dream, to raise enough money for 15 small kennels -  and 3 double kennels so all our senior dogs will stay in warm during the horrible period of winter. Thanks to your huge support we managed to fulfill this goal in a short time.

So we are continuing our dream to insulate all kennels in shelter. So all dogs will stay in warm.

We have 18 more small kennels and 3 double ones! One of kennel already sponsored!

+ 2 puppy rooms!

I invite people to continue follow us and if is possible to continue support us so all kennels in shelter will be fully insulated.

Oana Sava, founder of Sava's Safe Haven

New kennels available for sponsoring

Kennel 1

Kennel 2

Kennel 3

Kennel 4

Kennel 5

Kennel 6

Kennel 7

Kennel 8

Kennel 9

Kennel 10

Kennel 11

Kennel 12

Kennel 13

Kennel 14

Kennel 15

Kennel 16

Kennel 17

Kennel 18

Kennel 19

Kennel 20


Thank you to everyone that donated toward the small kennels :

- In memory of Sophie

- 3 x Sylwia's dogs

- Rex and Mary Safe Haven

- Echo's Kennel

- In loving memory of Helen Mathews

-  4 x P V

- 5 x Sava's UK Friends

- Josey's Kennel

The big kennels :

- 3 x Bovril's Bedrooms.