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December 2023 Adoptions.

The end of last year we were so pleased that we managed to get eleven more dogs out of the shelter and into homes for Christmas through our UK and German teams' hard efforts.

Coming up to Christmas and the New Year is always a hard time to adopt for many rescues as people have other things on their minds, which is understandable.

These were the lucky ones who spent Christmas in their new homes:

Ella, Freya and Nicky travelled to Germany to their forever homes to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year.

Lea, Levi, Belleza, Hazel and Emily also went to Germany to foster families to help to prepare them for eventually being adopted into their new homes.

A big thanks to our German team for all their hard work.


Travelled all the way up to Scotland to go into foster with a view to adopt. The fosterer was a previous adopter from us. She adopted Diego's brother a couple of years ago and had kept an eye on Diego as he was the last of the litter remaining in the shelter. She was determined that he was going to join his brother in the beautiful Highlands. And I'm delighted to say that Diego has now been adopted and is happily reunited with his brother.


We had several applications from Germany and UK for this beautiful girl and finally Sox came to the UK and has gone to live in Lincolnshire. She will definitely be living the outdoor life with her new owner who has plenty of experience of collie type dogs. Enjoy your new found freedom Sox.


Beautiful little Molly with her unusual facial markings came over to Wales to go into foster care. She's making progress in her foster home and we hope that she will soon be ready for adoption to her forever home. Good luck Molly.


It's a heartbreaking decision when you have to rehome your dog due to changes within the family and sadly last summer we were asked to find a new home for Teddy

We promoted him on many different websites and Facebook pages but struggled to find him a new home. Then, just before Christmas we were delighted that a new family saw him and fell in love with him. He went to his new family and is settling in really well.

Good luck to all the dogs that left the shelter in December and we look forward to seeing all your updates on our "Happy Endings" Facebook page.

In January 2024 there were no adoptions to Germany or the UK. This was due to all the dogs in the shelter having their rabies vaccinations, which resulted in the dogs being in quarantine for the month.

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