Savas Safe Haven is a refuge of Animal Welfare in Romania run by Savas family.

The refuge is reliant upon donations , unfortunately we do not have any local support from authorities or local companies. So every donation is a huge help!

"Virtual Adoption" is a way to help our refuge and dogs.

We have 275 dogs in shelter ,many cats and birds. They all were rescued , every animal has a life story, how was rescued or how he lived before arriving in our shelter.

Unfortunately many of them haven't found a family because of the appearance, behavior or other reasons .. they living here for over 5 years!

We make great efforts to find a family for each dog, but sometime they are waiting for long long time , we are trying to offer them a modest life and safe in our home to can make their wait more comfortable and normal for every dog.

Each month the cost of food are enormous! Besides this we must consider the costs of special food for dogs, sick puppies or very old dogs. Also costs for drugs, sterilizations and vaccinations.

It's too much for a small team!

"Virtual Adoption" is a way to help us!

You can choose your favorite dog and donate in every month to him.

Each donation of 15 euros per month, will help us cover the costs of food for dogs.

For example, if you want to virtual adopt a dog, you have to donate 15 euro each month.

If 17 dogs have virtual adopters we will can spay 10 dogs! 

A small amount, which makes a huge difference!

Dog's name

Can't afford to Virtual Adopt? Then Sponsor a Dog with £5/monthly.