Sava's Safe Haven is an animal rescue sanctuary for dogs and cats in Galati, Romania.

It's currently a safe haven for approximately 250 animals, with numbers changing on a daily basis due to new animals and some leaving. The later are those lucky enough to find places in foster or fabulous "forever homes" in Europe ( especially Germany and UK) or sometimes further afield.

Sava's shelter is far different from the public shelter as the minute the cats or dogs arrive at Sava's Safe Haven they receive fabulous care - veterinary treatments, vaccinations and most importantly neutering/spaying.

Unfortunately the sanctuary is run entirely upon kind donations for it's maintenance and to feed the animals so any donation especially regular is greatly appreciated. 

We are starting a new initiative to raise funds to feed our sanctuary pets.

"Virtual Adopt a Shelter Dog" is a project that will help us raise much needed funds to cover costs of food, veterinary care, shelter repairs and future community projects. You can choose your favorite shelter dog and " virtual adopt" it by subscribing for a monthly donation. The monthly donation can start from 15$ less or more depending of everyone's possibility. We are very grateful for any help!

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Register yourself as a monthly donor, so that you could sustain Sava's Safe Haven in the work of rescuing , caring and rehoming homeless animals from Romania.

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Monthly donation's amount
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Some of the dogs that needs sponsors..


A shy dog living in shelter by long time..

I'm a beautiful girl called Binky, and l came to the shelter 3 years ago with my brothers. I was abandoned when l was a little girl.Due to my sad story I am very shy but in Sava's shelter I feel safe. I love my friends and l like if when l get much attention from the Sava family. I adore it when they give us goodies.


A sweet boy!

Hey, my name is Timoty, many of you knows my story, I have been returned to Romania after many failed attempts to find a home in UK after my family was needing to give up on me due to various reasons.
I came back in Sava's shelter, I wasn't upset at all! I love to live with so many friends,
I love to play in the playground and to be around the Sava family.


Oldie but goldie

Hello, my name is Hope and I have been in Sava's for 5 years! It is much better than living in a public shelter.. believe me! I was rescued from public shelter in 2013 together with my puppies. I was starved and I gave birth in a kennel with other dogs, my puppies were at huge risk of dying. One of them was very ill but they all survived and have since been adopted!


A shy boy

My name is Winston and I am in this shelter by long time.. I am very scared of new people because of my bad past in street.. I was living in a factory's yard, and the people that worked there wanted to call public shelter to come and take us.. 
I was scared, nobody loved us... Now I am in shelter, I learn to trust people again and enjoy of my life here! 


Special needs dog

My name is Yang and I was rescued from a public from public shelter together my 3 sisters, that have already been adopted in Germany and UK. I remain at Sava's and am the lady of my family to find a home. I was previously in the public shelter which was terrible but I love being at Sava's shelter. I do hope though that one day someone will give me a home too. 


The most playful doggy!

Hey, I was rescued from another shelter in 2014 and since then nobody wanted to adopt me.. I stay everyday in my kennel and I pray one day someone will adopt me. Maybe you would like to help me? If you can't adopt me please sponsor me! Is so difficult for me mom to feed so many dogs, if you sponsor me then you will help her cover costs of food for so many dogs!


A sweet shy dog

Hey, I'm Button and Binky's sister. I have been in rescue since l was a tiny baby. Nobody wanted to adopt me and I am still in Sava's Safe Haven shelter. I have got so so many friends and l live living here but one day l wish someone will offer me a real home and a chance of a family.


Most grateful dog

My name is Dolly and I'm very happy to have a shelter and a bowl full of food in everyday. I was rescued in 2013 from middle of nowhere, I had 6 puppies from which 5 founds their homes but one is still in shelter with me ( Button) . I hope one day someone will give me a chance. 

Some more animals from shelter..