"With love and care, rescued dogs can wag their tail again. This is our work , to change their lives. "
Asociatia Sava's Safe Haven

Sava's Safe Haven has been built in 2012 thanks to wonderful people that trusted us that we can do that. They are now the people that made possible rescuing of over 1000 animals.

“To have now a safe shelter for over 300 animals living right now in shelter, in these 5 years I struggled so much to " survive" to improve and to built what is now called Sava's Safe Haven.

 Starting from an agriculture land, without any facility ( as water and electricity) just muddy that was a really problem when was raining, without any sponsorship from any company or authorities, just few Facebook friends that I will never forget, even they are still here with me or they left Facebook, together we did Sava's Safe Haven..
Even so many people told me " I can't" or " You will not do, or you are a scam" I continued to do what I dreamed for. I gave up to my life, to my time and everything I have to built this refuge. I had hard days, health problems, moments when I thought they could not go on.
It was not easy! In first months we was needing to fight with mud, with carrying water to the shelter, having lanterns and electric generators. Can you believe that to build this shelter were used only generators?? And only 3 men??? From which Gabriel was the brain.. he did almost everything!
It passed a year to get water to shelter and almost 3 to get some Solar Panels to shelter to have electricity.
From an agriculture land, I turned into a shelter with kennels for over 270 dogs, with 3 playground, a quarantine room and a veterinary room. A room for rescued cats.

My wok is not finished, I daily work from morning to night in shelter, we always repair shelter and we always improve. Even today we can not afford to have employers and together my family I care of all dogs and cats in shelter.
People thinks all these facilities was made because " we had enough funds" , that's not fair, everything was made because we had enough faith and love for animals and we always put animal welfare first of all.
Some days are a struggle to have enough funds for food, veterinary care. But this is in back! Because we always wanted to show you nice part of animal rescue, if even in back we are tired and nearly to give up on..

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