How to adopt from Sava's Safe Haven

In its 6 years of existence, Sava's Safe Haven has managed to rescue over 1000 animals and rehomed them in good homes locally and internationally.

Our refuge has found families for the dog especially in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, but also in the Netherlands, Austria and rarely USA.

Sava's Safe Haven rehomed animals to UK, Germany and Sweden where we have our own adoption team.

To countries such as France, Belgium or Swiss we have an official partner helping with adoptions. ( Association WOF)

Our rehoming process:

1. Pre-adoption questionnaire ( After you fill a questionnaire available here, our international adoption team will contact you, if your application has been accepted then we will continue adoption procedures);

2. Homecheck ( organised by experienced homecheckers volunteers from your region, based on a date/time schedule by mutual agreement );

3. Adoption contract ( The legal contract is signed virtually, and the adopter will receive a copy with the full signal agreement when the adopted animal will arrive);

4.Payment of the donation for the adopted animal;

5.Payment of the transport fee to the transport company 
(The transport is organized by our team according to the date when the adopter is ready to receive the animal. The adopter will be informed in real time about the time of arrival, date and how the transport is carried out). 

Useful info about adopted animal and its health condition:

Dogs/cats in our shelter are healthy, neutered, vaccinated against viral diseases and rabies, microchipped, dewormed, have passport and health book.

All animals can be tested against dangerous diseases prior the journey, if the adopter request it.

Costs and transport:

When you adopt an animal from Sava's Safe Haven you will adopt a dog from an authorised shelter that follows all laws and regulation in force.

Our shelter sends dogs only in the authorized traces system, the documents are made by local veterinary authorities so the authorities in the country from which the adopters are, will be notified and the importation of the animal is legal.

Sava's Safe Haven uses only authorised transporters that follows strict rules of animal welfare and rights.

The standard adoption donation is £150.00.

Transport : We use a private pet transport company for our animals that are very efficient, caring, and run the DEFRA approved Traces scheme. This means the animal omits a 48 hour quarantine in kennels and that the quarantine can be conducted within your home and garden (this must be the address you provided to us and on the Traces documents). 

DEFRA may arrange to visit you to check that all details of animal at your residence are correct. 

Final costs can be confirmed with a member of our team. 

The transport cost to UK is £200.00 and animals will be safety transported direct to your home address.

  • Your dog will arrive with own harness or collar. But for its safety will be better and safer to have another harness and also leash at his arrival.
  • To make sure you will adopt a suitable animal you can request videos with adopted animals to see its reaction to other animals (dogs/cats).