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Adoption Procedures

STEP 1: Find your suitable dog

Check out our adopt pages for available dogs or cats, or simply message us and let us to find your suitable dog based on your lifestyle and requirements.

All our dogs are mixed breed, rescued from street. They are not pure breed.

STEP 2: Meet our adoption criteria

When adopting an animal from us, certain criteria is required before a reserve can be placed:

  • Our dogs must be a full member of their adopted family, we will not rehome dogs to live outside;

  • The applicant must be able to afford to pay the adoption fee and transportation costs together with the ongoing costs of owning a dog such as vet bills and insurance

  • Adopters must be over 23 years of age, and if living with their parents we will involve the parents in the adoption process, in order to ensure they are supportive of the adoption and of the animal residing in their property;

  • We are unable to rehome to people without an enclosed private garden;

  • We are unable to rehome to families with children younger than 5 years; 

  • Written permission from the landlord will be required for applicants in rented accommodation;

STEP 3: Fill our adoption application

When you have found an animal you are interested in adopting, please complete the questionnaire application noted below. The application entails questions concerning general contact information, about your family’s situation, lifestyle and expectations as well. This questionnaire helps our staff see if your lifestyle and expectations are a good match with the individual animal and what aspects of care or behavior we should provide additional education about.

STEP 4: Arrange a phone chat and homecheck with our team

Adopters will receive an email notifying them when the call will be conducted. A home visit may be required before the adoption of any animal. This allows to ensure that the new home is a safe, secure and suitable environment. A volunteer will be sent to your home to conduct an home check and offer advice on adopting a pet. The volunteer will take note of the following:

  • Condition of other pets;

  • Whether adequate shelter is provided;

  • Where the animal will sleep at night;

  • Size of property/height of wall;

  • Ensure that the property is fully enclosed.

STEP 5: Finish the procedures and organise transport

If everything goes well and we feel that the animal is a good match for your home, we will email/phone call you with instructions concerning payments, transport, and continuing care for your new animal companion.

You will sign an adoption contract with us, fully legally. The standard adoption fee is £230.00 for puppies under 12 months old, £185.00 for adults under 6 years old and in some circumstances we may be able to lower our adoption fee for our senior dogs, please contact us to discuss this if you would be interested in giving one of our old-timers a home. Transport costs are £250-£280 for UK addresses. We use a private pet transport company for our animals that are very efficient, caring, and run the DEFRA approved Traces scheme. This means the animal omits a 48 hour quarantine in kennels and that the quarantine can be conducted within your home and garden (this must be the address you provided to us and on the Traces documents). DEFRA may arrange to visit you to check that all details of animal at your residence are correct. Final costs can be confirmed with a member of our team.

Health Certificate to attest animal's condition

We do offer a health certificate and animals are all tested against the following diseases, for your peace of mind.

Canine Heartworm

This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, afected pets play host to large heartworms (often 6-8 inches in length) that reside in the heart and major blood vessels of the lungs, the symtomps usually appear when the disease is in an advanced state;


This disease is transmitted by ticks, can cause fever, lethargy, joint pain, joint swelling, lameness and a decrease in appetite and progression to kidney failure ;

E. Canis

This disease is transmitted by ticks, the symptoms are often similar to Lyme;


This disease is transmitted by ticks, the symptoms are often similar to Lyme;


Canine brucellosis is a contagious bacterial infection caused by the bacterium, Brucella canis (B. canis). This bacterial infection is highly contagious between dogs. Infected dogs usually develop an infection of the reproductive system, or a sexually transmitted disease.


Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a protozoan (single-celled) parasite found in dogs, cats, and certain rodents in many parts of the world, most commonly in rural areas. The parasite is transmitted by small biting sand flies.


Giardia infection in dogs may lead to weight loss, chronic intermittent diarrhea, and fatty stool.

A letter from your rescued dog..❤

I have finally found you! I have waited so long to be part of your family...

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