Sava's Safe Haven is an animal rescue association based in Romania.
Romania is not only notorious for the large population of street animals but also animal welfare issue, arising from conditions within public shelters.
Many publications address the problems related to dozens of dogs living on the street and highlight the struggle faced by charities to reduce the number of stray dogs through neutering programs. 
These attempts to corner the stray population are unfortunately without much success as daily dozens of females give birth to more puppies that further increase the number of strays within the community. 

Sava's Safe Haven is one of the charities that try to reduce the number of street animals through neutering projects.
The charity also focuses upon improving conditions and animal welfare matters in the poor villages.
In 2012 the Sava family began to build a safe refuge for animal’s welfare needs in a village from Romania.
The shelter has been built through donations without any support from authorities or local companies.
There are currently 300 animals residing in the shelter (mostly dogs and puppies but also a number of cats who were rescued from the streets). 

This shelter is still reliant upon donations from animal lovers which enables the lean to cover costs of food, veterinary care and repairs.
 The shelter has no employees and is run entirely by the Sava family who alone care for all the animals.
In its 6 years of existence, Sava's Safe Haven has managed to rescue over 1000 animals and rehomed them in good homes locally and internationally.
Through partnership with another charity Sava's have managed to spay/neuter over 700 homeless and community animals from villages surrounding the shelter, free of charge.
Sava's Safe Haven has also visited villages further afield to spay/neuter approximately 200 animals owner by people of limited resources.
Sava's Safe Haven has also created various projects for community animals including giving free food to poor families who own dogs, free microchipping, free collars and harness.
The sanctuary consists of the kennels, a playground which needs expanding, quarantine room, puppy room cat room and an attached veterinary clinic room incorporated within the building.

Dog Shelter

Cat Shelter

Rabbit Shelter

Bird Shelter

Veterinary Clinic

The founder of Sava's Safe Haven 

"Sava's Safe Haven was my dream. 

Never I was thinking that this dream will come true.

I fed daily the stray dogs from my city and I always tried to ofer them what I could. My house was never empty , as my heart. 

Together with my friends that supported me in  rescue and feeding stray dogs started to think about this dream and thanks them this became true! 

Was hard to build a shelter into country where people are indifferent to animal cruelty. 

"Never give up" - was my motto that made me go and fight for this dream passing of obstacles. When the land was purchased I saw my dream catching wings. 

In just a month from purchased we have build a big part of refuge and brought in safety some dogs to be protected of winter . Whatever it was hard and tiring to have the care a big number of animals , we was never complained ! 

Together my family  I treated those dogs as my own children. They are enjoy of food , toys , safety and holidays. Is nothing more beautiful than seeing their wagging tails. 

All Sava's Safe Haven animals are under me and my family's care ( a loving husband , a son and a daughter ) we don't have any workers or volunteers on the site.

But we have volunteers who help us with the distribution network and spread messages. 

So Sava's Safe Haven has a wide range of friends from all over the world. "

The founding family

A charity founded and run by Sava's family  :


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Ambassador, our brand image.

Maximilian (Max) is a deaf doggy, rescued by long time ago by Sava's family. He remained in our care.
He managed to get in trouble when he escaped from shelter and run away, for a week he has been lost, in this time, Sava's family was desperate searching for him with cars, special equipment, ads on newspaper, social websites or flyers. He was found by a person who asked for a very high reward that has been fully paid. 
Max is now healthy, happy and is our brand.
Sava's Oficially ambassadors are : Cookie - Germany, Bubulina- United Kingdom.