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SaMi Fund

SaMi Fund is created in memory of Sasha and Mia, two mix of staffies that have been rescued by Sava's Safe Haven.

Their story was so similar.. both of them were "puppy factories" until they had no more power to cope to all the litters and they collapsed. 

Sasha was abandoned by the owner in a veterinary hospital, he wanted her to die ... he abandoned her without looking back. She had serious heart problems and her pregnancy have worsened her situation.

Mia was abandoned with severe mastitis and breast cancer.

For both girls we made a huge effort to give them a new chance!

Sasha survived for a few months in our care, and Mia only a few weeks. When their condition worsened and the treatments did not work ... we had to let them rest.

Unfortunately, the health conditions forced us to make the decision to euthanize them.

What SaMi Fund do:

Educate people about importance of spay/neutering and bring the awareness of the risk to health in females giving birth to a large number of puppies.

Free sterilization programs for puppies with or without owners in rural areas of Galati

Free consultations and treatment for animals in difficulty, if the owners cannot afford to cover the costs of medical care.

Social cases already helped

You need a helping hand? Contact us!




Join us in making a difference in the lives of animals by low-income families. Your can help provide food, shelter, and medical care for these beloved pets.

Every dollar counts in ensuring that these animals receive the care they need. Donate now and be a part of our mission to create better world for all animals.

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