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Education in Romania: Changing attitudes one child at a time

Sava’s Safe Haven, a long-standing SPCA International and OIPA International partner organization, is working with local schools to bring animal welfare education to children in Romania.

Together our great partners : SPCA International and OIPA International, Sava's Safe Haven have made efforts to educate people from rural area about the importance of spay/neutering, microchipping and veterinary care!

We made brochures that are already distributed in the local villages helping people to understand the impact of this produceres on each dog's life and most of all.

People need to understand that "the change" comes from each one of us.

Every female dog give birth to more puppies yearly that further increase the number of strays within the community.

We help families with limited resources giving free veterinary care services ( spay surgery, microchipping, vaccinations and registration) and also details about how to look after an animal.

We also hope in this way we will make people understand that chain is not a solution.

STOP ABANDONMENT - is one of the important advice we can offer to people, explaining that this act of cruelty is punished and there are alternatives to this act, contacting animal rescue shelters.

These brochures are about life, change and animal welfare!

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