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Our free services for community animals

- veterinary emergencies;

- laboratory examinations (blood biochemistry, urinary sediment, microscopic examinations);

- ultrasound examination;

-cardiology (EKG)

- hospitalization (pre/post-operative);

- veterinary dentistry (ultrasound descaling, dental extractions);

- cosmetic services;

Facilities and equipment of our clinic

Surgery Room

Surgery and treatment room, the medical team offers minor surgery and treatment services.

Intensive care

Intensive care unit to offer animals high care prior and after surgery.


Quarantine space for ill animals and new rescued animals.


Ultrasounds and biochemical analyzer for diagnosis and medical imaging.

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Support for animals

Your donations help us to continue offer free veterinary care to community animals and also to improve our clinic with equipment.

Currently our team wants to purchase a vital function monitor, hematology analyzer, hydrotherapy tub and an incubator for puppies/young cats.

Become our Veterinary Clinic's Sponsor!

Subscribe for a monthly donation and allow us to save more animals every month

Monthly sponsorship


Per Month

Annual vaccination for a dog

Microchip + registration in database

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Monthly sponsorship


Per Month

Veterinary consultation

Veterinary treatment

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Monthly sponsorship


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A free spay surgery

Treatment after surgery

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Monthly sponsorship


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You can insert any amount you would like from €1.00 to any! No donation is too small.

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