Sava's Safe Haven Veterinary Clinic

Sava's Safe Haven shelter is reliant upon donations, now in our care are about 270 dogs and many cats and birds. 
Our mission is to protect and promote Animal Rights and Welfare through rescue-care and rehoming. A part of our work , is to treat and care sick and injured animals. 
How else than in a medical office equipped to provide medical treatment of animals saved.
Among other projects in benefit of animals, one of the largest projects is the construction and equipping of a veterinary clinic, where the veterinarian is working for the dogs in our shelter. Besides 100% functional clinic, we have room for recovery and room for newcomers dogs. The clinic was authorized by the authorities.
Sava's Safe Haven Veterinary Clinic was built in 2015 and is reliant upon donations we can not work in it without necessary medicaments and necessary solutions for surgeries.
We would love to find some monthly or yearly sponsors to donate to our clinic and to make us free of worry  so we will never be needed to ask again for financial support for  deworming a dog or to spay one. Also to can ensure the monthly wage to our shelter's veterinarian . 
Please register yourself as a monthly donor and help Sava's Safe Haven . 
If you register as a monthly/yearly donation to our clinic , you will have a Sponsor Plaque on our clinic wall . Also a thank you note in every month so you will can know how much helped your donation. 

This option is available for any person, charity or business company . 

Amount for monthly donations
Amount for monthly donations
Amount for monthly donations