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Donate cryptocurrency to support our animal shelter!

Sava's Safe Haven, now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Shiba Inu,  and many other Cryptocurrency Donations.

 Our family-run shelter was built in 2012 and since then we manage to help over 4,000 community animals.

It's the little things that make life big...

Sava's Safe Haven is a non-govermental, non-profit Animal Welfare association. The association is running through donations from our supporters and friends from abroad. We do not receive any local support.

Currently we are looking after over 250 animals in shelter.

In the last ten years, Sava’s Safe Haven has rehomed more than 2000 pets in lovely homes from UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, France, Finland and USA thanks to our wonderful volunteers and partners.

In the last ten years, we managed to offer free veterinary services to over 3000 animals, both homeless and owned. Mostly of them was spayed, treated for diseases, vaccinated, microchipped and registered in database. 

Donate Crypto via CoinBase

Thank you!

First Crypto Donation $10,000

December, 2021

We are so grateful to be one of the lucky 12 charities who gets a helping hand through 12 Days of Giving program run by a crypto project.

Pawthereum is a decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need!

So far, Pawtherum donated $406,500 to charities around the World!

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