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Door to door campaign in rural area of Galati

Sava's Safe Haven have launched a new TNR Campaign, powered by collaboration within their local community.

From door-to-door education on sterilizations, microchipping, and registration, to extending a helping hand to pets in need, our dedication knows no bounds.

However, amidst noble efforts, heartbreaking cases of animal cruelty and severe illnesses have come to light. Yet, we remain steadfast, providing immediate aid to distressed owners and offering refuge to abused animals.

Story of Misu

Misu is one of the dogs found during in our door-by door campaign. Poor Misu escaped from his yard and was attacked by homeless animals.

His owners, an old couple, didn't afforded to pay for his medical expenses. They managed only to clean the wound and hoping he will survive.

But his condition got worse.

When they heard about our campaign, they kindly asked for our help to save their dog.

Huge hernia.. a 17 years old dog.

Another case found during our campaign.

17 years old dog with huge hernia.

Today family came to clinic.

We helped with diagnostic, ecography, analysis and a new treatment for heart problems.

We are unable to make surgery to fix hernia due to old age but we will make treatment for her other problems.

The main benefit of information campaigns is that people can learn that there are other solutions if they cannot afford to care for a dog. 🐕

❤️ ⚠️ Abandonment not being a humane nor legal solution, the penalties even reaching 12,000 lei! ⚠️

🐕‍🦺 The three puppies in the picture were given to the shelter and after sterilization and vaccination they will be available for adoption. 😇

If you would like to support Sava's Safe Haven, please use button below

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