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Veterinary Clinic

Sava's Safe Haven Veterinary Clinic was first built in 2015 thanks to our kind hearted friends who donated toward this big project. Since 2015 Sava's Safe Haven was able to offer veterinary services to both shelter animals but also animals within community.

Weekly, our veterinarian perform spay/neuter surgeries, treatments, vaccinations and microchipations.

In Romanian villages most of the citizens keep their dogs tethered up on chains without proper food, shelter and medical care.

Our team makes huge efforts to improving conditions and animal welfare matters in the poor villages.

Sava's Safe Haven is one of the charities that try to reduce the number of street animals through neutering projects.

In 2022 we have managed to reorganise the clinic in an emergency unit to welcome both Romanian but refugees animals and rescued animals from Ukraine.

Our free services for community animals:

- veterinary emergencies; - laboratory examinations (blood biochemistry, urinary sediment, microscopic examinations); - ultrasound examination; -cardiology (EKG) - hospitalization (pre/post-operative); - veterinary dentistry (ultrasound descaling, dental extractions); - cosmetic services;

- Sava's Safe Haven managed to get a mobile clinic and we are able now to offer to communities animals free procedures such as: ECG Heart Monitoring, Ultrasounds, SNAP Tests Diagnostics and Treatment in an emergency.

Since we started to bring awareness into rural area thanks to our ambulance, we have been able to help dozens of animals already through: diagnostic, treatments, spay surgeries, registrations. We are happy that people continue contact us daily to get support.

Meanwhile we are also travelling into most impracticable places to find dogs and spay them.

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