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What to expect when you adopt a shelter dog!

Please read it, I know that many of people have lots of expectations that are hard to fulfil. You must STOP having big expectation from a poor dog that never knew what a home is.

Here are some useful answers to most asked questions.

How much can we tell you about the animal you want to adopt?

Sometimes rescuers will know an animal's history and sometimes they won’t. However, we are very experienced in assessing personalities and this will be described as accurately as possible but there are NO guarantees. Although when a pet has been fostered, we will generally have more information regarding behaviour, habits and routine and this information will be passed on to you prior to adoption.

Will your potential rescue animal be health checked?

Yes, as far as possible. Our rescue uses a very trustworthy veterinarian and at times we have monitored the animal for months, sometimes even for years.. But as with any dog or cat, there are NO guarantees. Street life is a hard life.

What should I expect from my rescue dog to start with?

There's not any one answer to this! The first few days we always advise that the dog needs to have some quiet time in a quiet space. For most of them, this will be their first time in a house and the first few days can be quite traumatic. They will also need to learn who you are and that they can trust you. Many younger dogs often seem to experience a real puppy phase. This is where equal mixtures of patience, stimulation and consistency come in. In most cases, time will be your best friend. Rescue dogs may take up to 6 months to fully bond with their new adopters and this is completely normal! We are always on hand for pet-specific queries and to help make the adoption process an enjoyable experience for you and your pet!

Will a rescue animal be clean in the house?

Yes - if you train it! Some seem to already know and others need to be shown. This adjustment period can take several weeks and routine and patience is highly recommended. Dogs will need to be shown where it is you would prefer them to go. Cats typically arrive litter trained but will also need to be shown to their new litter boxes/fouling areas.

Leave a question for us and we will happily answer!

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