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New Rescue Center

Sava's Safe Haven shelter was a family-dream since 2011 when we first dreamed of having a place where all pets shound have a safe bed and food for next day.

No one believed this could be real until in 2012 when we purchased land and started to build the center than was a safe-place for over 5000 pets and still counting.

Sava's Safe Haven have been built to stop suffering of homeless animals and also in memory of a beloved dog that died due to the lack of and also to not let any family lose their beloved animal due to lack of funds to cover veterinary care.

The association has become a second home both for the Sava family and for animal lovers from all over the world who have crossed our threshold.

We have been pioneers in saving animals for years, working day and night for the animals both from the poorest areas in the south-east of Romania, as well as the animals affected by the war that are only a few kilometers from the shelter.

All this work and the situation has brought us to the threshold of asking for support to save Sava's Safe Haven.

We need support to move forward and save our shelter!

After years in which Sava's Safe Haven housed animals in the small shelter located in the middle of the wilderness between 2 localities - Branistea and Vasile Alecsandri, we want to rebuild the shelter. After a long time of analysis, we came to the conclusion that a new shelter located not far from the current one, will bring benefits both for the residents of the shelter and for the community. Our desire is to continue offering our services to rural communities where there are no veterinary clinics or non-profit associations that help animals both without owners and those with owners.

Unfortunately, the dream of relocating the shelter is based on some serious problems that make this project an indispensable one, without which, in 2 years, we will not be able to continue saving the animals.

Hard Winters The shelter was completely covered by snow in many winters due to the very large amount of snow and blizzard, the road becoming impracticable and dogs being blocked in their kennels; Severe climatic conditions destroy our shelter every year - snow and strong wind in winter, severe floods in spring;

Lack of energy During winter time we don't have electricity, due to the lack of clear weather, considering that the shelter is supported electrically only by photovoltaic panels; ​Also, the shelter does not have running water or sewage. The water is from a drilled well and the lack sewage is one of the biggest problem for us.

Poor kennels The accommodation spaces for the animals in the shelter have become more and more uncomfortable, despite our efforts to repair them every year; Lack of space to create new indoor accommodation spaces where old dogs can sleep when temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius.

Make our dream come true

You can help us raise funds toward purchase the dream land to start build the shelter! We have a big goal, but thanks to you, we can make it happen!

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