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Hi everyone,

 April and May have been an incredibly busy couple of months for us at the shelter.

It started with our “Spay and Neuter” programme supported by OIPA International in the rural area of Galati where we neutered 109 animals with more to do on our list. This door to door campaign also allowed us to check on the living conditions of the animals and donate food to some households. We also rescued some unwanted dogs and brought them into the shelter. Sadly we witnessed some animals that were in desperate need of medical care which we treated and returned to the grateful owners.

Our ongoing campaign to raise funds to purchase land to build our new shelter continued with SPCA International kindly offering to double our donations received in April up to £10,000.

World Stray Day on the 4th April, allowed us to start attending local schools with the cooperation of the Galati Animal Protection Office, to educate the next generation about animal welfare issues. In total, we visited 40 city schools and 100 in the rural areas.

In our shelter, we worked hard disinfecting all our kennels and worming every resident dog whilst we continued to rescue abandoned and neglected dogs and bring them the safety of our shelter.

April Adoptions.

Our adoptions thankfully continued, with the following dogs being successfully adopted.

Cute little Sasha who was handed into the shelter when her owners got a new dog made the long journey to Belgium to her forever home.

 We were delighted when Oana, who was born in 2019 and had lived all this time in kennels, left for her forever home in Germany. 

In April we had a truly wonderful surprise adoption success. Beautiful Kalle was rescued from the streets as a very small puppy and was adopted in Germany at 5 months old. Sadly after 1 year in his new home, he was returned to our shelter after the adoption failed.

Out of the blue, a family visited our shelter and fell in love with Kalle and adopted him on the spot! He has been adopted by a wonderful family in Romania and we are delighted for this very happy ending.

In the UK we also had some happy adoptions.

Shy little Beauty left the shelter and travelled to Essex where she is going to love exploring the nature reserve and the sweeping beach with her new family.

Fluffy little Sushi, ( now named Teddy), who was handed over to us during the spay and neuter campaign was adopted by a family in Swindon. I’m sure he will enjoy his walks in the local country parks.

Cute little Hera travelled to Newcastle upon Tyne and I’m sure she is loving exploring the Big Waters Nature Reserve and probably a bit of camping with her new owner.

And who could forget beautiful little Fetita (now named Pheobe). She went through a very tough time prior to her leaving. She was due to travel to her new home but was unable to travel due to our vet discovering she had bladder stones, which needed surgery. Once she had recovered she travelled all the way to Pembroke in Wales to her new home. She will be living her best life with all the local beaches and the Welsh countryside.

Pretty little Molly arrived in foster before Christmas and has been adopted in Bournemouth, where she is going to enjoy all those lovely beach walks with her new owner.

May Adoptions.

 Do you remember “Piscot” the terrified little Shih Tzu that was abandoned on the border with Ukraine with another little dog, by a breeder? The poor little boy had obviously suffered some form of abuse which resulted in him being terrified of human touch. Alex tried to help him but it was difficult due to her work at the shelter. Then in May, an adopter applied successfully to adopt him. She has plenty of experience dealing with dogs with trauma and it was a real, happy ending when Piscot (now named Freedom) finally arrived in his new home in Kent. His new owner is happy to take things slowly at his pace but seeing the pictures of him snuggling up in bed with his new family we are sure he will soon realise that humans are kind.

Fita, the dog we found with a horrific injury to her stomach, which we thought could have been from a snare trap or something that had been tied around her, had to receive medical treatment for her wound. Her recovery was truly amazing and she was adopted by a loving family in Lancashire. It was a very happy day when she was put on the Happy Bus. Good luck Fita, enjoy your new life.

Fluffy girl “Hope” finally got her own home and will be travelling to Buckingham, next week to enjoy lots of love and plenty of rural walks.

We are glad this beautiful girl will be leaving the shelter and wish her well with her new family.

Daisy the chihuahua, we knew wouldn't be long in kennels and she was snapped up for adoption in Germany. Enjoy your new life little one!

Beautiful Belleza, who travelled to Germany to go to a foster home has now been adopted by a wonderful family. So wonderful to see her getting settled in her forever home.

Who can forget “Alfie” the handsome miniature St Bernard! He has secured a fabulous home in Norfolk, where there will be so much he will be able to experience and enjoy. It’s been a long time coming for this boy, but we wish him lots of luck in his new forever home. Alfie (now renamed Luther) will be travelling next week.

And last but not least,

The little dog that was rescued by Alex after being dumped in a tied-up bag we named him “Twix”. He has been accompanying Alex on her school visits to educate the next generation on the importance of animal welfare and he clearly loves children.

Twix will also be travelling, next week to Carmarthenshire in Wales to his new foster home. He will be assessed and made available for adoption in due course.

Let's wish all these wonderful, deserving souls all the luck in the world in their new forever homes.

🥳 💗

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So pleased to hear the good news about all these beautiful pups getting their own homes! wonderful to have news on them. xxx

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