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September Adoptions

It's nearly the end of September and what a month we've had for adoptions!

Between the German and UK team we adopted 9 lucky dogs and 1 has gone into foster in the UK.

Oana and the team are incredibly grateful to all the kind hearted adopters who have allowed us to help them in choosing their new family members and trusting us with the task of preparing them for the journey and delivering them safely ❤️.

We also want to thank our transport agent who, despite difficulties and road closures, safely delivered our dogs into their new homes.

So, let's take a look at the lucky dogs that have made the long journey to their forever homes.

Our little heroine Alessia, who survived horrific abuse before she was rescued has made her final journey to a wonderful home in Lűnen in Germany. Good luck Alessia, you so deserve this. 💖

And the last of our large litter of 8 puppies from the shelter "Malinka" has found a fabulous home in Olsberg, also in Germany.

Benjamine, the sweet little boy has landed in a wonderful home, where he now has a big brother called Hercules a golden retriever to show him the ropes. His home is in Peacehaven, West Sussex in the UK. Benjamine, now known as Benjie is going to love all the beach walks with his new family and buddy.

Who can forget tiny Mina! She has travelled to Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex in the UK and is going to live the high life, going on camping and caravan holidays with her new family. Enjoy yourself, little one!

Beautiful Oscar, now called Pippin will be sharing a home with a family and a new sister who is a Sharpei cross. I have no doubt they will have lots of fun on their park walks in Tilehurst, Reading UK.

Little Amy, with those big "love me"eyes has certainly landed on her paws with her new family. Amy will be sharing her home with the gentle Brodie, a long term elderly foster, 3 house cats and some chickens.

She will definitely enjoy her walks in the parks in Wolverhampton UK.

Little Leni is without doubt going to have an absolute ball with her new family in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, UK. Just think of all those fabulous trips to the beach and those woodland walks! She is so lucky.

Cute little Mimi has travelled to Bradford West Yorkshire, UK to join her family. She hasjmoved in with 2 previous adopted Sava's dogs and 2 cats. She will be able to explore all the country parks and meadows with her new family.

Beautiful Karima, now called Kari (Cari, is the welsh word for love) has certainly landed on her paws in her new home in Whitemill, Carmarthenshire, Wales. She will be sharing her home with a very special little girl, who also came from Sava's after a horrific injury to her back leg.

Kari will love her woodland walks and walks along the riverbank. Enjoy your new life Kari.

And finally, cute little Bella, who was dumped by a breeder, in the clinic on the Ukrainian border, as she needed an operation and he refused to pay, has come into foster with me in Carmarthenshire Wales UK. She will recuperate, be assessed and have plenty of love and cuddles . When she is ready to be rehomed I will post on our website and our Facebook page.

We will all enjoy seeing the posts of their progress in their forever homes with their loving families on our Happy Endings Facebook page. ❤️

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