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Busy Times At The Shelter.

Sava's Safe Haven has been very busy since the beginning of February with the plans for the desperately needed new shelter and our ongoing push to raise the necessary funds to purchase the land for us to begin building on.

We were also heavily involved in an education programme with the Animal Protection Office of the police, to educate children in the local schools on all aspects of animal welfare.

At the end of January, we were also carrying out a door-to-door campaign about the importance of spaying, neutering and microchipping dogs belonging to local residents. During this campaign, in collaboration with the police, we offered free veterinary care for sick and injured animals to people who were unable to afford the necessary care and we were faced with some horrendous cases.

However, despite all this activity we managed to secure adoptions for several dogs.

In February our German Colleagues successfully adopted these wonderful dogs:

Our French team were also working hard to secure adoptions for these little puppies.

Lily and Maia were adopted together by one of our own Sava's Team, living in France. They will grow up in the beautiful countryside of Cussac.

Little Flori was adopted by a lady in Busseire-Galant and regularly visits Lily and Maia for playdays! What a lucky little trio.

As for the UK, we also managed some adoptions in February:

Beautiful Aurica travelled to glorious Somerset to enjoy her new life with the hope of having a friend to share her home with later in the year.

Totolicia has a new home in Essex and has been renamed "Toto" Good luck little one.

And the handsome Diego travelled all the way to Scotland to be reunited with his brother Timothy who was adopted a couple of years ago and whose owner has watched him in the shelter and made a promise to get the two brothers together! It's wonderful to see them finally in each other's company for the rest of their lives.

In March little Max and sweet little Vera travelled to France for adoption in Belgium and France.

The UK had 2 adoptions as well, beautiful Jule came to Carmarthenshire in Wales to live with a previous double adopter. We are delighted about this adoption as poor Jule has spent her whole life in the shelter and now has the chance of a warm home to spend the rest of her life in. Enjoy your new life, Jule.

And last but no means least cute little Rita, who we all fell in love with and who had such a poor existence before being rescued by us, has travelled to Dorking. She has settled right in and follows her new mum everywhere.

Wishing all our adopted dogs a wonderful new life in their forever homes!

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Thank you for all of your loving kindness given to these beautiful beings! How wonderful that they have their own homes now!

Mi piace

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Good to hear the news! and to see many adoptions! Keep up the good work xxx

Mi piace
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