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October Adoptions

Our transport run on the 16th October was pretty busy again, I'm pleased to say.

Here are the lucky dogs that made the long journey to the UK.

Handsome Bruno, now called "Mutley" has made his home in Cambridgeshire and has joined a lovely family complete with 2 other fur buddies for company. He is going to enjoy long walks in the local nature reserve. 🙂

Enjoy your new home Mutley!

Cute little Sinje, now renamed "Sine" (which is Gaelic for "God's Gift") has relocated to Colchester to live with a family together with 2 furry friends called Ronnie and Merida, both rescues. Sine will be able to join her companions for walks in the woods and on riverside walks. Sine is no longer an orphan! 🤗

Gorgeous little Casper has certainly landed on his paws with his new family! He has travelled to Hertfordshire to roam around the local nature reserve with 3 other doggie friends, one of which is also a Sava's rescue.

Enjoy your new home Casper.😍

Courageous Lilly, now called "Lilly-Bet" travelled a long way and was safely delivered to her new home in Carmarthenshire Wales to join her new family. Lilly is a survivor of the terrible disease, distemper, which has left her with a tremble in her back legs. She faced being overlooked by adopters until a wonderful lady who had previously adopted from us wanted to give this beautiful girl a second chance. Lilly-Bet now has a Sava's sister called Beauty and has plenty of room to run around a large garden and enjoy walks in the welsh countryside.

I'm so happy for you Lilly-Bet, you deserve your second chance.🥰

And finally we have little Bella who was abandoned on the Ukrainian border by a breeder as she needed an operation for cherry Eye. She came into foster with me after her operation, to Carmarthenshire Wales.... but not for long!

Bella, now called "Bella Buttons, Buttons for short" was snapped up by a lady who had adopted another rescued Shihtzu a few years ago from me.

Buttons now resides in Launceston in Cornwall with 5 other small dogs, all rescues. She has 1/2 acre of garden to chase around in and plenty of glorious beach walks with her buddies.

Have a wonderful life Bella Buttons.🤩

And finally...

The Adopter who adopted Lilly also wanted to adopt "Binky", who is 9yrs old and has been in the shelter all her life. Her rescue dog was Binkys kennel mate in the shelter and she was determined to reunite them again.

Everything was arranged for Binky to travel with Lilly-Bet but unfortunately on her health/vet check carried out prior to travelling, she was diagnosed with heartworm, so she couldn't travel and we had to cancel the adoption.

We were all heartbroken with the news. On a positive note Binky has the very early stages of heartworm and it is treatable, with time.

The adopter is hoping she gets the all clear in the future and is determined to bring her over to be reunited with her kennel mate ❤️

Get well Binky... your new home is waiting.

A big thank you to all our October adopters for giving these souls a second chance of a happy life. X

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